The Best Place To Kayak On Vancouver Island

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Embark on an Unforgettable Kayaking Adventure: Discovering the Hidden Wonders of Clayoquot Sound From Tofino

While Vancouver Island offers many sea kayaking options, none offer the raw, rugged wilderness that can be found on the West Coast. If you are seeking an unparalleled kayaking experience — one that Canada’s West coast has become famous for — then you need to visit Tofino, in Clayoquot Sound. A world-class destination, Tofino offers some of the best kayak trips on Vancouver Island.

Paddle West’s multi-day kayak camping tours offer the most immersive way to visit Vancouver Island’s West Coast. Leaving from Tofino, our overnight kayaking tours will not only be a highlight of your time in Canada or British Columbia, but also one of the best vacations of your life! For families, kayak camping is a perfect way to create lasting memories. If you’re looking for the best kayak trip on Vancouver Island — look no further than Tofino, and Paddle West Kayaking!

Dive into the Wild: Kayaking in Clayoquot Sound

Are you ready for a journey into the heart of Vancouver Island’s coastal paradise? Look no further than Clayoquot Sound, a coastal haven on the western edge of Vancouver Island that beckons explorers seeking a thrilling blend of nature’s wonders, rich history, and untamed wilderness.

Picture this: crystal-clear waters reflecting the lush greenery of ancient rainforests, sprawling white sand beaches, rugged coastlines full of hidden coves, with the call of seabirds echoing through the air. Kayaking in Clayoquot Sound is not just an adventure; it’s an immersive experience into the untamed beauty that defines the essence of the Canadian Pacific coastline. Tofino, located in the heart of Clayoquot Sound, is Vancouver Island’s best location to experience the Pacific coast on a multi-day kayak tour. Kayak camping allows you to experience this incredible region in an intimate, and unforgettable way. 

Vargas Island: Surf, Sand, and Serenity [Multi-Day Tour Destination]

Seeking coastal paradise and a slice of tranquility? Look no further than Vargas Island. With endless white sand beaches, hidden rainforest trails, panoramic mountain views, and rich ecosystems, Vargas is a coastal playground. Amidst waves and sandy shores, the untouched wilderness of Vargas Island invites you to unwind, disconnect, and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the Pacific. Leave the hustle and bustle of Tofino’s busy beaches behind — enjoy visiting and camping on empty beaches, a privilege enjoyed by those traveling by kayak!

Circumnavigate Vargas Island on our 3-day Vargas Island Expedition, or request a custom tour! Family tours are available to easy-access, low-surf beaches. Find out more here.


Flores Island: Nature’s Wilderness Retreat [Multi-Day Tour Destination]

For those craving a true escape, Flores Island is your sanctuary. A remote gem, it invites kayakers and hikers to explore its pristine beaches and embark on the Wild Side Trail. The trail offers coastal hiking options to beach hop and explore everything Flores has to offer. From your sandy beach campsite, stare up at towering Mount Flores, covered in ancient old-growth rainforest, plunging from the sky to the sea. In summer months, many bays and coves along Flores’ shore are home to feeding gray whales — kayak camping here is one of the best ways to whale watch from shore/kayak. This rugged adventure promises panoramic views of the Pacific, providing a front-row seat to the diverse ecosystems that thrive in this secluded corner of Clayoquot Sound. 

Explore Flores Island on our 5-day Hot Springs Cove Adventure, or request a custom tour! Find out more here

Hot Springs Cove: Nature’s Spa [Multi-Day Tour Destination]

A highlight of kayaking Vancouver Island’s West Coast is Hot Springs Cove. Accessible by boat or floatplane, these ancient natural geothermal hot springs offer the perfect finale to your kayaking journey. Arriving by kayak adds an extra layer of fulfillment to your journey, allowing you to truly savour the serenity of this coastal gem. Picture yourself soaking in rejuvenating thermal pools, surrounded by the rugged wilderness and the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean. 

Visit the Hot Springs on our 5-day Hot Springs Cove Adventure, or request a custom tour! Find out more here

Meares Island: Where Giants Roam [Day Trip Destination]

Embark on a short kayak from Tofino to Meares Island to discover giant ancient cedar groves. The Big Tree Trail beckons with towering cedars and spruces — some older than a thousand years. Arriving by kayak is the best way to visit this natural wonder — joining a guided tour allows you to learn about the rich cultural and natural history of the area.

Visit Meares Island’s famous Big Tree Trail on our 4-hour Rainforest Tour.  Find out more here.

First Nations Heritage

These islands are not just geographical marvels; they are living archives of rich history and cultural significance. From ancient culturally modified trees, to shell middens, Clayoquot Sound echoes with the stories of the people who have called this place home for generations. These are not only living testaments to First Nation people’s historical presence in the ecosystem, but reminders of the rich culture and communities that persist today. 

Learn more about the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation here.

Learn more about the Ahousaht Nation here.

Why Choose Clayoquot Sound For Your Next Kayaking Adventure?

Clayoquot Sound is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to embrace the extraordinary. Whether you’re lured by the lush rainforests, the pristine beaches, or the promise of encountering diverse wildlife, this Pacific haven promises an escape from the mundane. It’s time to grab your paddle, and let Clayoquot Sound make you fall in love. Your next kayaking adventure awaits in the untamed beauty of Canada’s west coast. Come join us and kayak Vancouver Island!