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Tofino Kayaking

Experience Tofino Kayaking Like Never Before

Our Tofino Kayak Tours are sure to offer an unforgettable kayaking experience in spectacular Clayoquot Sound, a world renowned mecca for sea kayaking. Immerse yourself in the extreme natural beauty that surrounds you. Bask in a temperate coastal rainforest, one of the largest left in the world. Enjoy a pristine marine environment teeming with life. At Paddle West Kayaking, we’ll make sure your Tofino Kayak Tour is one of a kind.

Our Tofino Kayak Tours connect you directly with the ocean and rainforest surrounding Tofino, BC; allowing you to explore and re-energize amongst the towering trees and pristine waters of this sea kayakers paradise. Striking scenery and endless wilderness make for a perfect sea kayaking adventure. Naturalists and photographers will be enthralled by the uniquely evolved life in these lush coastal environments.

Remember, our Tofino Kayak Tours fill fast so reserve now to avoid disappointment!

No previous experience is required on any of our Tofino kayaking tours. A brief introduction to kayak safety and paddling technique is included at the start of each trip.

Islands (Tofino Kayaking Tour)

On our “Discover the Islands” kayaking tour you’ll explore beautiful Tofino shorelines and island channels while enjoying the breathtaking sights of Tofino’s surrounding waterways. This is the perfect kayak tour if you only have a couple hours but still want to experience the scenery and wildlife Tofino is famous for.

2.5 hours – $79 CAD (+GST)
+ 1% Tribal Park Contribution

(Tofino Kayaking Tour & Guided Rainforest Walk on Meares Island Big Tree Trail)

Tofino Kayak Tours

Our “Rainforest” kayak tour is the perfect balance of kayaking and hiking.  On our Rainforest Kayak Tour you will paddle through the numerous small islands near Tofino, enroute to the famous Big Tree Trail on Meares Island, in the Wah-huh-jus-Hilthoois Tribal Park.  After a short paddle your guide will welcome you to the trail and accompany you on the rustic boardwalk through the Old Growth Rainforest while engaging you with the abundant Natural and Cultural history.  On the way home we ill be sure to take a new route so that you will always see something new.

4 hours – $106 CAD (+GST)
+ 1% Tribal Park Contribution

Viva Las Vargas
(Tofino Kayaking Tour):

Vargas Island Trip

Ride the tide out to Vargas Island, West of Tofino. This tour offers a taste of real West Coast paddling, open coastal views, short crossings between islands, rugged shoreline and sandy beaches. On this tour we paddle due west away from bustling Tofino harbour, island hopping along the way out to Vargas Island. Paddle your kayak next to the rugged and sandy shores of Vargas Island looking for wildlife along the way. This tour includes a rest stop on a beautiful sandy beach. Viva Las Vargas!

6 hours – $141 CAD (+GST)
+ $15 per person Ahousaht Fee

Lemmens Inlet
(Tofino Kayaking Tour):

Tofino Kayak Tours

Ride the tide deep into Lemmens Inlet: This Kayak Tour is the best way to escape the busyness of town and give yourself more time to soak in the beauty that surrounds you. Lemmens Inlet offers the most protected conditions for kayaking close to Tofino. Travel in calm waters right next to towering old growth forested mountains. Glide through small islands, and over shallow tidal flats, while quietly searching for wildlife. This tour includes a stop on a rocky outcropping next to the water to enjoy a rest and stretch your legs. Sometimes the guide will include a small forest hike if the conditions are appropriate.

6 hours – $148 (plus GST) CAD
+ 1% Tribal Park Contribution

Discover the Night
(Biolumiescent Tofino Kayaking Tour)

Tofino Kayak Tours

On our “Discover the Night” kayak tour, experience what it’s like to gaze out upon a starlit night far away from the lights of populated urban areas. Depending on the time of year we may see bioluminescence that dance and sparkle the water green at the stroke of your paddle, or meteor showers lighting up the nights sky above. This unique kayaking tour is offered during select times of the year in Tofino.

2 hours long starting between 9:00pm and 10:00pm on select nights between August 15th and September 15th