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Ucluelet Kayaking

The Gateway to Barkley SOun

No previous experience is required on any of our Ucluelet kayaking tours. A brief introduction to kayak safety and paddling technique is included at the start of each trip. 

While kayaking along the sheltered confines of the historic Ucluelet Harbour, bald eagles, seals, bears, and sea lions make regular appearances. Heading out of the harbour you will get to explore kelp forests and rugged shorelines teeming with intertidal life. As you paddle out further and poke into the open ocean you’ll experience true open coast paddling and the type of rugged coastal scenery that kayakers dream about!

Ucluelet is the hidden gem of the West Coast Vancouver Island kayaking scene. Launching from Ucluelet allows access to the spectacular open coast scenery and abundant sea life that has made Barkley Sound famous, but without having to contend with the crowds in the Broken Group Islands.

Discover the harbour

Ucluelet Kayaking Tour
2.5 hours
Ages 5+
$79 (+GST) 

A relaxing getaway in the sheltered waters of the Ucluelet Harbour. A great tour for first time kayakers and those keen to see wildlife. Seals, sea lions, eagles, and black bears (at low tide) are frequently seen on this tour. At low tides explore the shoreline while learning about the unique creatures and ecology of the intertidal zone. This is a great trip for everyone — families included.

Discover the coast

Ucluelet Kayaking Tour
4 hours
Ages 5+
$112 (+GST) 

Our most adventurous half-day tour. Leave the shelter of the Ucluelet Harbour and explore the beautiful coastline of Northern Barkley Sound! This tour offers excellent opportunities to view both marine and terrestrial wildlife as you paddle along the shoreline through islands and reefs that can only be accessed by kayak. This trip includes a stop to stretch your legs. Suitable for adventurous beginners and intermediates alike. 

If sea conditions are unfavorable your guide may shorten the tour or choose a safe route within the harbour.

Discover barkley sound

Ucluelet Kayaking Tour
6 hours
Ages 5+
$148 (+GST) 

Experience sea kayaking on the open ocean! Head out into the open waters of Northern Barkley Sound where you will feel the thrill of paddling in open ocean swells while exploring the rugged shorelines and open coast the region is famous for. Great opportunities for wildlife viewing including seals, porpoises, sea lions, black bears, bald eagles, and if you’re lucky — gray, humpback, or orca whales. This tour includes an extended break on a beach or secluded island.