Honouring Majestic Ocean Kayaking’s Legacy


After decades of facilitating countless paddling adventures in the Broken Group Islands, Majestic Ocean Kayaking has closed its doors. While we regret the loss of our kayaking friends and neighbours, we are excited to announce an expansion of Paddle West’s multi-day/ rental fleet through the purchase of select Majestic Ocean Kayaking boats — primarily Seaward Tyees. With our expanded fleet, we are excited to offer enhanced experiences in the breathtaking waters of Clayoquot Sound.

Navigating New Waters: Paddle West’s Fleet Expansion

Paddle West has added a significant portion of Majestic Ocean Kayaking’s esteemed fleet to our own. This expansion marks a significant step towards expanding our multi-day tour offerings and providing you with even more opportunities to discover the wonders of Clayoquot Sound. Our fan-favorite 5-Day Hot Springs Cove tour will now be offered at a much more frequent interval: every Tuesday-Saturday from June through September. On top of this, with increased rental capacity we are better equipped to serve multi-day kayak renters in both Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds.

Honouring Majestic Ocean Kayaking’s Legacy

As we embark on this new venture, we extend our gratitude to Majestic Ocean Kayaking for their contribution to the world of exploration in Ucluelet. By acquiring a portion of their fleet, Paddle West is committed to carrying forward the spirit of adventure that Majestic Ocean Kayaking has shared with countless paddlers.

Embark on Extraordinary Journeys in Clayoquot Sound

While the Broken Group Islands hold their own allure, Paddle West’s expanded fleet is poised to elevate your multi-day kayak tour experiences in the majestic waters of Clayoquot Sound. From pristine shorelines to hidden coves, our enhanced capabilities ensure that your adventure is not only unforgettable but also tailored to your needs. Clayoquot is a world-renowned paddling destination — from sprawling white sand beaches, to old-growth rainforests, rich and abundant wildlife, and awe-inspiring mountain views, look no further for your next adventure destination.

Discover the Untamed Beauty of Clayoquot Sound

Regardless of your kayaking experience level, Paddle West welcomes you to explore the captivating waters of Clayoquot Sound — families included! Our multi-day kayak tours are designed for safety and comfort, ensuring that everyone can experience the untamed beauty of this extraordinary destination.

Paddle West awaits you in the majestic waters of Clayoquot Sound!