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Terms & Conditions for
Multi-Day Sea Kayak Tours


A lot of resources and energy goes into planning a Multi-Day Expedition, and we must commit to our guides and equipment to have a successful season in just a few short months. We are a small family business, and when you reserve with us we are going to invest our resources into ensuring you have a great experience sea kayaking in Clayoquot Sound. It is an investment for a trip of a lifetime, and one that you will always remember.

In the summer between June and mid-September, the odds are in our favor for sunny weather. Our Multi-day tours go out rain or shine and our guides are trained to keep you happy and comfortable in various conditions. Going on a Sea Kayak Camping trip is beneficial for our body and soul no matter the weather. The elements that we experience and adapt to are what makes an expedition style trip authentic and memorable.

Please read our terms and conditions below. We strongly recommend you protect your investment in this trip and ensure you have adequate trip cancellation insurance. We know the human and natural world is dynamic, especially the last two years. Adequate insurance will ease your mind in knowing you are able to change your mind within 60 days of your tour start date.

Terms & Conditions

Group Size:
Minimum 4, Maximum 8, unless it is a private group

Vaccination Policy:
Paddle West Kayaking adheres to Public Health Orders put in place by the province of BC. As of the most recent changes in April 2022, we are not requesting guests to wear masks or to provide proof of vaccination. Our company has a communicable disease plan that is followed by our employees to ensure your safety on every tour. If you have any concerns, we are available to answer your questions.

Gratuities are not included nor are they mandatory. They are greatly appreciated! 10% of the tour total is the industry standard. The guides will work hard from early in the morning until late at night to make your trip great and cook you amazing food. If you enjoy the ride, tip your guide!

Booking Process Review:

  1. Make a booking request using our online form
  2. We will contact you by e-mail first and then phone to complete your reservation with a 50% deposit. Payments are handled through the FareHarbor booking system which uses Stripe to securely process credit card payments.
  3. You will get a confirmation e-mail from Jamie’s Whaling Station through our booking software. Jamie’s Whaling Station is our close friend in business. We share booking software and operate on the same property.
  4. The confirmation e-mail will contain links to all of our pre-trip planning resources and pre-trip forms that you need to complete: Pre-trip planning form, medical form, and packing list.
  5. You will receive a separate e-mail containing a link to sign your waiver. This link will take you to our secure e-waiver site administered by “Wherewolf.” If you booked the tour on behalf of others you will need to forward this e-mail to them so that they can sign the waiver.
  6. 60 days before the tour – deposit becomes final, and all pre-trip planning forms are due
  7. 30 Days before the tour – Final payment is due
  8. Meet your guide(s) at Paddle West Kayaking in Tofino on your departure date!

Detailed Cancellation Policy:

***Our terms have recently changed: If you booked prior to March 1st 2022 then your cancellation policy that is found in your confirmation email from [email protected] will be honored.***

***To avoid miscommunication we require that any cancellations be sent to us in writing by e-mail to [email protected].***

  1. To hold your space(s) on a Multi-Day Sea Kayak Tour, Paddle West Kayaking requires a completed booking request form and a 50% deposit per person at the time of booking.

    Your deposit is refundable up until 60 days prior to departure. If you cancel within 60 days of your departure then, your deposit will be held.

    Final payment is due 30 days prior to your tour departure date. We will contact you in advance to remind you. Final payment is non-refundable.

    If you cancel within 60 days of your tour and we are able to re-book all of your cancelled spaces, then we will issue you a refund of your deposit less a $100 per person administration fee, or give you a full refund if you have paid your final payment.

    If you cancel between 59 days and 30 days before your tour, then you may use your deposit less a $100 per person administration fee to rebook another Multi-Day Tour with Paddle West Kayaking (if available and minimum of 4 guests on the tour). This option is NOT transferable.

    If you cancel within 30 days of your tour, you may use your full payment less a $100 per person administration fee to go towards rebooking another Multi-Day tour (if available and minimum of 4 guests on the tour) to Paddle West Kayaking. This option is NOT transferable.

  2. Paddle West Kayaking reserves the right to cancel or alter your Multi-Day Sea Kayak Tour in response to unsafe weather or sea conditions. Paddle West Kayaking is not responsible for any expenses you incur because of those changes. We are open to answering your questions about how we handle different situations in relation to adaptations for unsafe conditions.

  3. If Paddle West Kayaking cancels your entire Sea Kayak Tour due to unsafe conditions, then we will provide you with a full refund, less a $100 per person administration and planning fee. The decision to cancel is often made within 24 hours of the departure, unless it is clear prior to 24 hours that the conditions will be unsafe.

  4. If Paddle West Kayaking needs to postpone departure or cancel the last day of the tour, then we will provide a partial refund for the tour based on a per-day calculation.

  5. If Paddle West Kayaking enlists the service of a water-taxi due to unsafe conditions for early for departure or to get out to the first campsite, then Paddle West Kayaking will pay for water-taxi.

  6. Paddle West Kayaking is NOT responsible for any expenses related for your evacuation due to injury, illness, or evacuations as a result of your own decision.

Trip Cancellation Insurance Information

You have invested in the adventure of a lifetime. Paddle West Kayaking recommends that you protect your investment in your adventure by ensuring you have adequate insurance.

There are many different types of insurance, policies vary from one country to another, and one company to another. We recommend you contact your preferred travel insurance provider to choose a plan that you understand and that suits your needs.

Sea kayaking is what we are best at, but selling insurance is not. It is not the responsibility of Paddle West Kayaking to ensure you have adequate insurance. However, we can make some suggestions to get you started.

  1. You may already have trip cancellation insurance! Check with your credit card company to ensure you have adequate trip cancellation coverage, and be sure to inquire about any limitations.
  2. Contact your insurance Broker and get them to do some of the work to help you find a plan.
  3. Purchase private trip cancellation insurance through a travel insurance specialist. Some providers now offer “Cancel For Any Reason”(CFAR) insurance. This is a relatively new type of travel insurance. It is more expensive because it has the least amount of limitations, but it is the best if you are concerned about having to cancel your trip. At this time, we know Manulife Financial and Blue Cross offer “CFAR Insurance”

Mandatory Forms:

To plan a successful trip and to hold valid insurance, Paddle West Kayaking must have you complete the following forms after you reserve your trip. Access to these forms will be e-mailed to you upon confirmation of your booking.

If you are the primary booking contact for a group, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone on your trip gets access to the forms as well. Don’t worry we will remind you.

Pre-Trip Planning Form:
After your booking is confirmed the planning begins. We require that each guest complete a pre-trip planning form, so we have all the information we need to plan a successful trip.

Medical Form:
When we are camping out in the Islands of Clayoquot Sound, emergency medical services are not readily available. Preferably 30 days before your tour, each guest must submit their medical history using our secure online form. It is your responsibility to complete this form accurately. This form is encrypted on our server and access is restricted to our booking staff, your guides, and web site administrators. A copy must be printed for your guides to take with them on the tour.  Physical copies of medical forms are shredded. You must notify Paddle West Kayaking of any changes that have occurred on the medical form in between the time when it was completed and the departure date.

Each participant must complete a waiver before going out on the tour. You will be given the opportunity to view the waiver and ask questions before you sign. Once your reservation is confirmed the booking contact will receive a separate e-mail with a link to our e-waiver. The booking contact must forward this e-mail to everyone in the party so they may sign as well. You reserve the right to sign a paper copy if you do not wish to sign electronically.

Media Release:
Paddle West Kayaking reserves the right to take photos and videos of the tour and its participants. We may use and share these photos for promotion of our company and the tourism industry in BC. We will respect your wishes and give you the opportunity to opt out of their use by Paddle West Kayaking when you sign your e-waiver. If an error is made by Paddle West Kayaking, please contact us to request the removal of the media that was posted in error.